The Trust covers members’ buildings and its contents; property-in-the-open; newly constructed and newly acquired buildings; buildings under construction, 变更, or repair; mobile equipment; property in members’ care, 监护权, and control; and vacant buildings.

The Trust also offers bond coverage, supplemental 洪水 coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage as additional cost coverage options. Coverage options are also available for municipal electric utilities and for extraordinary expenses.

Get details in the LMCIT 财产, Crime, Bond and Petrofund Coverage Guide (pdf)

  • Learn about property, 犯罪, and petrofund coverage offered by LMCIT, including builder’s risk coverage and property coverage options for bond, 洪水, and equipment breakdown.
  • Understand coverage limits, LMCIT’s property appraisal program, and schedule of property to identify at renewal and midterm.
  • Get information on filing a property claim.