The League building is located at 145 University Avenue West in St. 保罗. The building is primarily accessible from 8 a.m. 到5点.m. Monday through Friday. The League recommends nonmember visitors make an appointment or register for an event before arriving at the building. All visitors must enter through the doors off the parking lot and check in at the front desk.

Members can feel free to use the new member space if they have downtime while visiting the Capitol or conducting other business in St. 保罗.

Members are also welcome to use the League’s parking lot for free while in St. 保罗, even if they don’t plan to use the League building. When doing so, please be sure to register your vehicle information using the bar code, which can be found in the parking lot, or by checking in at the front desk.

We always enjoy having our members visit St. 保罗, but we’re also available via phone or email. Please feel free to contact League staff using the information below.


联系 us by phone

  • General phone: (651) 281-1200
  • Toll-free: (800) 925-1122

联系 us by fax

  • General Fax: (651) 281-1299
  • LMCIT Fax: (651) 281-1298
  • 索赔 Fax: (651) 281-1297

Submit a Research question online

The League’s Research & Information Service is available to answer questions about the many issues and obligations city officials navigate on a daily basis.
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Questions about HR & benefits?

League HR & Benefits staff offer a variety of information, resources, and services and can help cities understand their HR-related responsibilities and opportunities.
Submit a question to HR & Benefits staff through
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